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Experience is the best teacher. Over the course of many adventures, I have written articles with the sole purpose of passing knowledge onto my readers. The Outbound Collective, an online community of outdoors enthusiasts, hikers, climbers, etc., have published and featured the following articles in the “The Outbound Journal” section of their site:

• “How Tourists are Getting Wild Animals Killed”
• “How Nature Inspires Thought, Action, and the Creative Process”
• “Choosing Your Own Adventure”
• “How Rock Climbing and Jiu Jitsu Go Hand-In-Hand”
• “The Best Way to Prepare for Your Next Adventure”

Here is a link to these articles: https://www.theoutbound.com/james-sisti
Traveling and exploring is my favorite thing to do. Part of the joy that comes from these adventures, after returning to the comfort of home or hostel, is pouring over thousands of photos and my journal entries. Capturing a cohesive story is the end product of a great experience, which I truly love sharing with my readers. This has inspired me to create my adventure blog, “Exploring Elsewhere”; a place to self-publish my stories, as I see fit, without rules or guidelines.

Here is a link to Exploring Elsewhere: http://www.exploring-elsewhere.com
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