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Photo by Korcan Yurdacan

Over the course of the next seven months, I plan to complete a series of illustrated writings and a short independent film. This film is a glimpse into the crazy creative process of an artist gone wild. • The body of work will question how we, as individuals, view growth, measure will-power, and how pushing personal limits on a climb can translate into overcoming extreme challenges that are sometimes thrust upon us in everyday life.

• It will have mountains, bigger mountains, and an elaborate discourse on the elegance of gas station cuisine.

• Viewers will experience a journey like no other, as the story delves deeply into the mind of an artist who is more afraid of geese than falling into a crevasse.

• The goal of this film to guide viewers through a personal experience in order to create a feeling of affinity toward nature and adventure.
• I am truly excited to be working on this project while embarking on a journey which will change not only the way I climb and create, but also who I am as a person.

• Sharing this journey is a genuine expression that will resonate with a large and diverse audience, and will cause people to consider becoming the protagonist of their own adventure narratives.

• After screening the final product at various Brooklyn Boulders locations, I will enter the film in national and international festivals, as well as in alternative cinema venues.

Photo by Paul Plumeri Jr.

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